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Low Pressure Differential Strainers

Low Pressure Differential Strainer Cutaway

Low Pressure Differential Strainers offer a huge positive impact on energy savings, pump discharge head, and increasing flow rate.  Positive impact on designs in motor, pump and strainer sizing.

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Suction Diffuser Flex

Suction Diffuser Cutaway

Useful in protecting against turbulence upstream of  pump suction, flow meters, and valves installed after elbows.  Also reduces pressure losses on pump suction resulting in positive impact on motor and pump selection as well as reduces overall energy use. 

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Vane Flex Straightener


This device does dual duty as both flexible coupler and turbulence mitigation before flow meters, valves and other applications that need it.

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Low Pressure Differential Strainer Details

Form Factor of Strainer reduces space needed for installation & servicing


22.5 degree alignment of Screen allows for less space underneath the strainer.

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Low Pressure Strainer Energy Savings Calculator


Strainer calculator offers valuable tool to evaluate the use of this energy savings solution as compared to traditional strainers.

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Available in flow rates upto 3200 GPM or 727 Cubic Meters per Hour


Flow Rate Improvements for LPD "Y" strainers against typical "Y" Strainer offerings average 59% across sizes offered.

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Patented Design provides both larger screen area and less turbulence

Unique updated design allows for larger screen area reducing both Turbulence and suction head losses

  1. Advantages included not having to upsize the strainer as often is done with other strainers.  
  2. May also impact choice of motors and pumps due to lower NPSH impacts 
  3. Ideal for applications  with self-priming pumps.

Key Points on LPD Strainer

Completely New Design allows LPD "Y" Strainer for all desgns.


Innovative Design reduces pressure losses significantly and less space using shallower angle for screen and studs in the down stream flange,

Reduces Turbulence associated with traditional "Y" strainers.


Straight through flow design reduces turbulence and head loss affecting pump suction.

Design utilizes larger screen


Larger Screen means less clogs and operates far better in difficult applications.

LPD "Y" Strainer & Flow Control Devices can get you out of tight design dilemna's


Combining these two solutions can address tight spaces often encountered in buildings and other applications.

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Suction Diffuser - Why do we need to add?


Why a Suction Diffuser - Many Reasons

Often we encounter design requirements that call for elbow into a pump...this creates many issues for a pump including potential cavitation and reduced performance due to increased head losses on suction side.   

As seen in the chart below there are many additional issues addressed by removing turbulence and non-uniform flows associated wtih elbows.


Trouble Shooting Reasons for Applying SDF

As seen in the chart above there are many additional issues addressed by removing turbulence and non-uniform flows associated wtih elbows.

Additional SDF Explanation

Overhead View of Elbow with and without SDF


SDF Explanation Cont'd -1

SDF Installed Standard in Standard Flexible Coupler


  • No Moving Parts.
  • Installed up stream of the elbow,
  • Water moves through vanes.
  • After elbow, water flows evenly through pumps and devices.

Decrease in Head Losses over Standard Suction Diffuser


  • See equivalent pipe length head losses with SDF and Short Radius Elbow when compared to typical suction diffusers.
  • Plus most suction diffusers have even more head loss when partially plugged.  Coupling this with LPD provides lowest head loss options period.

SDF Explanation Cont'd -2

Pump Application Without & With SDF


(a) Shows low flow and low pressure leading to cavitation and pump damage.

(b) Shows SDF installed and evenness of flow and pressure on pump suction. 

SDF Explanation Cont'd - 3

Installation where elbow on suction caused 6 month rebuild schedule


Custom installation of SDF on Elbow prior to pump resulted in triplihg life of pump to 18 months,

Improvement with SDF Installed


The main problem was removing the causation of cavitation but we also recorded significant improvements in pump performance.


SDF Versions available for almost any Configuration

Available in both Rubber and Galvanized couplers

Versions include  tapered and most major connection configurations such as flanged and grooved.

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Vaneflex Flow Straightener Saves Space

Advantages of Vane Flex

Flexible pump or pipe connector conditions flow providing 10 pipe diameter turbulence reduction with specially designed hydrodynamic shaped vanes. 

Reduces discharge turbulence in a fraction of the space - typically 

Protects valves including check, control and balancing downstream form flutter and damage allowing for longer life and better performance.

Vane Flex Straightener Details

Vane Flex - Dual Role


Works as Flow Conditioner and Flexible Connector to isolate piping from pump.

Removes Turbulence - Multiple Roles


CFD Graphic above shows actual test result where turbulent flow transitioned to laminar flow due to Vane Flex.


Vane Flex - Many Stocked Variations

Variations Include:

  1. Materials of construction include galvanized, stainless and rubber versions.
  2. Many different reducing versions with and without elbows.
  3. Connections types include flanged, grooved and combinations of both.

If you need something specific not pictured, here let us know your requirement.

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